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I am a website marketing specialist who advises & counsels both individuals & businesses with various website development needs. I am here to demonstrate that website optimisation services are a marketing discipline no different from any other. No mysteries, no risky tactics & no excuse for a lack of clarity; just sound business advice, firmly focussed on customer acquisition & sustainable long-term improvement.

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Website Optimisation Services

I have a proud reputation for website optimisation services, for my clients. I use my 10 years of experience to provide you with a search engine effective website that will drive enquiries & lead generation to your business. I will guide you through the entire experience, ensuring it is effortless & that you will quickly start generating new business with your newly optimised website. I find it a pure joy to empower my clients with informative knowledge in plain english without snake oil (I prefer being forthright & up-front), that assists with an improved understanding of what the search engines require for from a website to perform in the SERP's.


I love this anonymous quote, it's so true; but most business's dont understand the philosophy behind it!

"You can't sit around & wait for the storm to be over; you've got to learn how to dance in the rain" - anonymous

Client Testimonial

The great thing about Lee is that he is so approachable. Every email ends with "please email me with any questions". Lee has also looked at our overall web presence, rather than just focus on keywords. The help & advice Lee have given us has been phenomenal as it has been very focused on growing the revenue generating areas of our website. Lee has quickly understood or goals & our challenges & most importantly empowered us. 

Patrick Arrundell

Website Optimisation Services

What I really love to do…

Custom CMS

A (purpose built) CMS allows content to be controlled by the people who own the content (the content or subject matter experts). This means no more relying on developers to make changes to the web content; subject matter experts can add content without needing to know HTML or any code. This saves money & time.

Website Optimisation / SEO

You should always be working to improve your conversion rates. This is 'mission critical' for generating a better ROI from your website. Even with all my experience, some things just aren’t 'logical', test, re-test & start over. Performing tests for a couple of different variations to see which one performs best. This is what I do best.

Custom Web Coding

Have a great idea for a new website? Looking to add something a bit different to your existing site? No idea where to start? That’s where I come in. I'm able to take your ideas & sketches & form them into fully functioning websites that will help you to realise those concepts & get the most from the internet.

Bug Fixing

Having a webpage that loads efficiently is a ranking factor so having clean, bug free code is actually an advantage to you getting more business. By clearing all the bugs in your HTML, CSS & JS, you should notice an increase is both the time it takes for your website to load but also the ranking you’re achieving in search results.

Fresh Content

One thing will never change, quality, original copy will be rewarded. I see so many websites that don’t follow one or both of these rules & we understand why, it’s not easy. My content writers don’t just give you the regulation copy that could be about any business, but something that once you’ve read it, will have you saying, this is MY business.

Website Audits

Need a way of finding out if your website is up to speed with the latest Google guidelines? My Website audits are a cost effective way of understanding what’s hot & what’s not with your website. My easy to understand report will explain what you need to do to improve your site even further.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competition are doing as part of their online marketing isn’t a bad thing, but just copying them can be. I can assess what they are doing & then decide if it is worth you doing too. I’ll never recommend you just copy your completion as we want you to get the most return on your investment as part of a long term online strategy.

Adwords Campaigns

An Adwords campaign can help to reinforce your branding, give an extra push for seasonal products or generally help you to increase traffic to your website. Getting an Adwords campaign wrong can cost you hundreds & you’ll see no return on your investment so let me use our extensive experience with Adwords to take care of everything for you.

Landing Pages

Effective landing pages can be the difference between a sale or not & users will often make that decision in less than two seconds from arriving on the page so a rapid load speed & a clean layout are critical. I have a vast experience in creating just this sort of page so that you don’t miss out on potential revenue.


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